Our Vision

Amaranth Press is a hybrid publisher offering the best of both traditional and independent publishing services. Our vision is to give authors a platform to get their work to the reading public. We offer experienced and helpful guidance to create the print or digital book to match your vision, and we offer one of highest royalty percentages around. Unlike vanity publishers who publishing anything regardless of quality or content, we at Amaranth Press have a selection process to choose to publish only those manuscripts that will result in high-quality books. Our books adhere to the highest industry standards. We welcome your manuscript submission to see if we're a good fit.

How it works...

As an author with Amaranth Press, we welcome your input in the creative process. You will work with a publishing associate who will answer questions, provide feedback, and ensure your book is aligned with your vision. No matter what your book publishing needs are, large or small, we want to help you tell your story!

Ready to begin?